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ARO Pumps


Air operated diaphragm pumps up to 3” connection. Non—stalling air valve, no lubrication, no foaming or shearing of fluid material. Variable flow rates, positive priming, runs dry without damage. Bolt together construction, lightweight and portable. Chemical resistant for most applications of fluid movement


Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


Features & Benefits

  "Unstallable™" Air Valve
  Quick Dumps™ Prevent Freezing
  Forgiving Air Valve Seals
  Bolted Construction
  5 Years between failure
  Pumping 1.6 million gallons without fail

Specialty Pumps 

  Drum Pumps
  Powder Transfer System



  Air System Components
  Shock Blocker Pulsation Dampeners
  Drum Pump  Conversion Kit
  Accessories for Diaphragm Pumps
  Accessories for Piston Pumps
  Pump Actuation / Air Controls
  Pump Cycle Sensor / Pneumatic Batch Counter
  Cycle Actuation Kits
  Diaphragm Failure Detection Kit




LMI Chemical Metering Pumps


LMI Electronic Chemical Metering Pumps

Electric chemical feed pumps .01 to 25.0 GPH and accessories. Environmental cabinet enclosures, stroke and speed control, 4—2OMA capable

Series A/B/C Chemical Metering Pumps

Series A, B and C Chemical Metering Pumps have been an industry standard for over 20 years. The familiar yellow and black pumps have a rugged, totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing for protection in the harshest environments. Encapsulated electronics and a rigid housing and stroke bracket ensure years of precise, repeatable performance. Several control options are available for all applications and budgets:

Type “9” control

Type “9” control is designed for easy integration into chemical feed systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by an external signal generated by a flowmeter, controller, transmitter, PLC or other device.

 Divide or multiply a digital (pulse) input or program a response to a milliamp (4-20, 0-20, 20-4, 20-0) input. Remote on/off and low level inputs are standard. The clear liquid crystal display provides the user with operational status. The unique 5-level power control reduces system shock and extends the life of the pump. The optional Digi-Pulse Flow Monitor verifies chemical flow and provides an alarm output.

Type “7” control is designed for more economical systems. The stroke rate may be controlled manually or by a digital input. The optional Micropace Control Modules enable the user to divide or multiply a digital input or respond directly and proportionally to a 4 - 20 milliamp input. A low level input is standard.

Type “1” control is designed for accurate chemical feed where manual or on/off control is all that is required. Dual manual control of stroke speed and stroke length are provided.
Max. Output Max. Pressure 
Series A: 2.0 GPH (7.6 l/h) 250 psi (17.3 bar) Data Sheet Eng. Specs
Series B: 7.0 GPH (26.5 l/h) 150 psi (10.3 bar) Data Sheet Eng. Specs
Series C: 25.0 GPH (95.0 l/h) 300 psi (20.7 bar) Data Sheet Eng. Specs

Series P Chemical Metering Pumps

The Series P Metering Pump is designed for more ecomomical chemical injection. The totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing and encapsulated electronics provide the performance and long life that you've come to expect from an LMI Pump.

 The compact size and wide range of outputs makes it ideal for OEM applications. Dual manual control of stroke speed and length and fixed speed versions are available for simple manual or on/off control.




The Wilden Pump is available in seven sizes (¼" to 4" inlet) for flows to 1040 liters per minute (275 gpm). A wide variety of construction options are available to meet virtually any application requirement.
Wilden's revolutionary Advanced™ Series pumps were specifically designed for maximum performance and efficiency. The bolted configuration of these pumps ensures total product containment while the redesigned liquid path reduces internal friction to maximize output and efficiency. A variety of elastomer options, including Teflon® PTFE, are available to meet abrasion, temperature, and chemical compatibility concerns. The Advanced™ Series metal pumps are offered in die cast aluminum, stainless steel and alloy C. A variety of options such as ANSI and DIN flanges and specialized air distribution systems are available to meet your specific application requirements.
 The Wilden pump can handle pressures up to 8.6 Bar (125 psig) and temperatures to 176.7° C (350° F). Materials of construction include: Aluminum, Cast Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, Polypropylene, PVDF, carbon-filled Acetal, Teflon® PFA, and Teflon® PTFE.

Wilden’s line of pump accessories enhance and protect your liquid process as well as add value to it. Whether you need a surge dampener to minimize pressure fluctuation, or an electronic controller to automate your pumping process, these accessories allow your Wilden pump to easily adapt to your specific application environment. 




Camac Pumps


Camac pumps are centrifugal in design and constructed of rugged CPVC, KYNAR®, Polypropylene, Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel and Rubber Line Steel. Most models are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Mechanical seals are standard, with water cooled double mechanical seals available for extreme duty applications. Hostile environment energy efficient motors are also available.


Simply mount the pump on the edge of your tank and operate from either inside or outside the tank. FLOW RATES RANGE FROM 10 to 360 GPM and PRESSURES UP TO 60 PSIG. All CAMAC pumps are driven by heavy duty energy efficient TEFC motors.

The unique design of the CAMAC Vertical Pump features only 3 major parts and eliminates the need for seals and packing glands. Therefore seal wear caused by abrasion is eliminated assuring long, trouble free operation.


* All non metallic wetted parts in contact with solution are constructed of either CPVC, Polypro, or KYNAR®. Capable of handling liquids at operating temperatures up to 300°F with KYNAR®, 200°F with CPVC and 180°F with Polypropylene.

* All hardware in contact with the solution is either Stainless Steel or the specified corrosion resistant material.

* Semi-opened impeller design reduces flow up the draft tube and increases efficiency.

* Heavy duty balanced shaft encased in a corrosion resistant plastic sleeve.

* Vapor seals are standard to prevent motor corrosion.
* Threaded overflow relief port.

* O-rings to be Hypalon/Viton.

* True Venturi type volute case. Heavy duty design to prevent pump deflection.

* Interchangeable parts.

H Series 90

220-240 GPM
110-140 HD
60 PSI





MDM Pumps

General purpose centrifugal pumps. 1/4Hp to 3Hp ratings. Stainless, Viton, Carbon Graphite, Ceramic Seal and Viton combinations. Flows 5—150 GPM


Submersible Pumps





Midstates offers expertise in pumps for removing wastewater from sumps. We can help you find the right pump for dewatering, septic effluent, storm drainage and wastewater treatment.

New to our wastewater lineup is the SL range. SL brings state of the art technology to optimize performance in your system through continuous pump monitoring, resulting in minimized risk factors, reduced maintenance and longer pump life. SL is packed with many features including an energy efficient motor, Double mechanical seal, reduced vibration and reverse flow clog prevention just to name a few.

The SL is designed to work with Dedicated Controls - an intelligent monitoring and control solution developed specifically for sump pumping application, with an IO 111 sensor module providing an interface to the pump controller, allowing building management to keep an eye on the pump at all times.


Vertical Submersible Pump

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