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The Waste Water Recycle Process






Midstates EWS Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) clarifier is a very effective tool in removing suspended solids, fats, oils, metals and non-soluble BOD from a waste stream. Microscopic air bubbles are produced and mixed with the incoming wastewater. The air bubbles attach themselves to the contaminants, which gives them buoyancy. The buoyant mixture of particles and air bubbles float to the surface and are removed by a skimming mechanism.

Air bubble production is achieved by pressurizing a portion of the clean effluent and recycling it back to the influent to be mixed with the waste stream. As the super saturated water enters the DAF the pressure is removed and millions of microscopic air bubbles are produced. The bubbles become entrained in the solids,

The Chemical Addition Tank (CAT) system is designed based on flow and retention time. They are typically used when greater contact time and mixing are required to effectively mix the chemistry. The systems are custom designed to match the flow requirement of the DAF and are offered in A-36 carbon, 304 or 316 stainless steel. Mixers and chemical pumps are supplied as standard.



Membrane -  Microfiltration,Ultrafiltration,Nanofiltration


Reverse Osmosis


Oil / Water Separation Systems

  Midstates -  EWS Oil Coalescing Separator (OCS)

The Oil Coalescing Separator (OCS) is designed to remove free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels from a waste stream, resulting in an effluent quality of 10 mg/l or less of contaminants 20 microns and larger. The OCS operation is based on closely spaced oleophilic (oil attracting) media that promotes the impact and formation of larger oil particles. As the oil droplets increase in size their rise rate to the water surface also increases.

The influent water enters the separator and flows through a tightly stacked bundle of media. The media expands the surface area of the separator giving the oil more room on which to combine (coalesce). As the oil droplets accumulate on the media and coalesce they develop into larger droplets that flow up the surface of the media, detach and rise to the water surface. Surface oil decants by gravity into a segregated oil reservoir where it can be removed from the tank. Heavier solids (solids having a specific gravity higher than that of water) will slide down the surface of the media into the sludge chamber at the bottom of the tank for periodic removal. Virtually oil free water travels under an oil reservoir baffle, over an adjustable weir and into a clean water effluent chamber. The water is gravity discharged from this chamber.

A Unique Method of Oil Removal 

Magnetic drive allows both sides of the belt to pick up floating oil, doubling the capacity for a given belt width. 

Result? A compact unit with faster oil pick-up, better oil-to-water pick-up ratio, and fewer drive line problems. 

Built to Last 
All stainless steel construction stands up to punishing use and harsh environments, without special maintenance or protection. Controls and electrical connections are moisture resistant, and gear motor is fully enclosed
Easy Installation
 Installation and adjustment takes only minutes. Bolt the base to a flat surface, tank, channel or any of the mounting stands. Connect to the discharge fitting and slip the belt over the drive pulley. Plug a unit in, take a turn or two on the adjustment nut to adjust belt tracking, and installation is complete.

Minimal Maintenance
 Lift-off cover exposes entire mechanism for inspection and service. Changing or adjusting belt or wiper blades requires no disassembly, and can be accomplished in minutes. The sealed gear motor requires no maintenance.

The Abanaki Oil Concentrator provides virtually complete oil/water separation for recycling or disposal of either liquid.

Under most operating conditions, Abanaki skimmers pick up oil with only small traces of water. However, as surface oil is reduced to a thin layer (1/16 inch thick or less), more water (or coolant) may be picked up along with the oil. When used in tandem with an oil skimmer, the Oil Concentrator solves this problem by providing final phase separation. The result is water (or coolant) available for recycling, and virtually water-free oil for disposal.

The Oil Concentrator is non-electrical and contains no moving parts - it simply receives liquid directly from the skimmer. Based on the principle of gravity separation, the Concentrator tank is sized so that there is adequate dwell time for the oil and water to separate. Water discharge is through a tube that has an open end near the bottom of the Concentrator, while oil flow is through a separate drain port near the top. As additional liquid enters the Concentrator, water and oil are forced out through their respective discharge tubes and ports. A sludge screen provides additional dwell time for separation while preventing debris from contaminating either the water or the oil. 

Installed at the discharge end of the oil skimmer, the Concentrator comes complete with mounting bracket, removable sludge screen and drain plug for easy cleaning. An optional thermostatically controlled heater is available for use with thick oils, or when the application is in freezing temperatures. (A heater should not be used in environments where explosive fumes might be present.)


MidStates Environmental Clarifiers

 MidStates Clarifier Features
Midstates-EWS offers a complete line of Clarifiers from 2 to 400 GPM. Compact continuous flow chemical precipitation Clarifier systems.  Commonly used for Micro—electronics, Petro Chemical, Printed Circuit Board Mfg, Metal Finishing, Plating, Industrial Laundries, and Landfill Leachate.  Clarifier designs from one common tank source.
  Available in 2 to 400 GPM
  Utilized to separate suspended solids leaving clear effluent
  Compact size for limited space
  Internally designed flocculation/mixing tanks
  Heavy duty 1/4" steel construction
  Sandblasted primed and epoxy coated
  1/4" PVC removable settling plates
  Oversize dual sludge outlet flanges
  Large access hatch
  Sludge sampling ports
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